Covid-boosted second-hand clothing sales

The internet platform for second-hand fashion products takes advantage of the fears surrounding purchasing power.

Business has picked up again for Vinted, the specialist in second-hand fashion (clothing, shoes and accessories). We reopened our service in France on 9 April, after being closed for three weeks. Since then, the recovery has been strong, even if it is less dynamic than in Germany and Poland, countries less affected by the coronavirus.We are in an acceleration phase,” says Thomas Plantenga, the platform’s CEO, who is donating one million euros to support medical research, hospitals and associations in France. The number of Vinted members in France has risen from 11 million at the beginning of 2020 to 12 million at the end of May, representing 9% growth in the midst of the crisis. And from the end of February to today, the number of sales announcements on the platform has risen by 17% over one year, all countries combined.

Already before the pandemic, the purchase of second-hand clothes and shoes was on the rise, both for ecological reasons and to be able to

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